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Mix-Werbung.com is the german B2B advertising agency that looks at your brand through the eyes of both the business and the customer.

We believe in data-driven, strategic online marketing solutions to drive business growth. With studied marketers who offer unique insight into your company’s opportunities online, Mix Advertising B2B Advertising Agency passionately executes campaigns that maximize the best possible spend to revenue ratio.

We use multiple analytics systems to achieve the best visibility for your marketing campaigns as a business-to-business advertising agency.

Business-to-Business Marketing Services

We use several key strategies to reliably feed your sales funnel in Germany.

  • Marketing channel analytics: Measure and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across all channels.
  • Sales funnel analysis and optimization: use automation to improve performance across the funnel: Machine learning from top to bottom
  • Align marketing with sales: track and nurture leads using automation to improve lead quality and purchase intent
  • Goals and predictive analytics: help clients set and grow their monthly visit / lead / customer goals

At Mix-Werbung.com, we know your industry inside and out. Our experience in a variety of industries gives us unique insight into the growth factors of your business and allows us to develop successful industry-specific strategies.



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Mix-Werbung.com is a B2B advertising agency focused on helping businesses improve qualified lead generation, conversion rates and sales opportunities. We create results-driven advertising campaigns that help B2B organizations measurably improve their sales channels online.

B2B Targetgroup Advertising in Germany

Mix Werbung is known in the german B2B sector for unique knowledge of the website data of all companies in Germany. By combining expertise and paid marketing tools, we know which CMS system is used, which social media platforms are used by which companies and which sources and search terms are used to generate visitors. In addition, we can find out which employees are in the LinkedIn network, whether there is a web store and whether the company uses Google Shopping, AdWords / Google Ads or other sales platforms. In our database we can run searches for company listings, different branches and B2B target groups.

B2B Advertising Agency Ad Types

  • B2B banner advertising: the found target audience can be activated with the help of a display banner to visit the website, or so that a first point of contact is set for „interest and attention“ on the customer journey.
  • B2B Text Advertising in Search Engines: After the target audience knows they need a service or product, statistically 80% enter appropriate search terms into Google. By using text ads, our B2B advertising agency again enables maximum visibility for the selected target group!
  • B2B Remarketing: Remarketing allows ads to be served to people who have previously visited the website. If they leave the site without converting, we can use remarketing to reach them again with relevant ads across devices. Through B2B remarketing, your previous visitors will see your banner ads on other websites and preferentially see your text ads in search engines. In this way, the desired conversion is more likely to be achieved.
  • B2B Social Media Advertising: Social advertising, paid advertising on social media channels, is the perfect addition for a business to its B2B online marketing strategy. Social advertising is a perfect opportunity to reach specific audiences and take highly profitable targeting actions based on previous interactions.

Our B2B advertising agency specializes in reaching the right target groups at the right time based on data.

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