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Facebook Ads


Facebook Advertising in Germany

What does Facebook advertising involve? There are different types of ads that can be used to target Facebook users in Germany. Ads can be shown in Stories, in the News Feed, in the sidebar on the right, or in the Audience Network. The big advantage of professional Facebook advertising campaigns for companies is the targeting of the audience. Mix-Werbung.com can create, implement and optimize the ads for you, so that interested parties are addressed and your goals are achieved.

Facebook Page-Like Advertising

To expand customer lists and the number of followers, Mix Werbung runs Page-Like ads („like this page“). The more fans your page has, the higher your reach. A higher reach means that content and advertising will be seen by more people. Also, don’t underestimate the trust that high follower counts build from a customer’s perspective.

Facebook Photo, Text And Link Advertising

When advertising with links to a site, a store outside of Facebook, your business gets more visitors, data and sales. Mix-Werbung.com uses specially designed advertising graphics, calls to action and texts that are targeted based on psychological factors.

Facebook Carousel Advertising

Carousel advertising on Facebook offers the possibility to present your company’s product range. Mix-Werbung.com can show multiple images or videos in one ad. Carousel advertising ensures a higher number of visitors and sales for your website.

Facebook Video And Canvas Ads

Captivate your audience’s attention with mesmerizing images and engaging videos. Photo and video ads of this type are excellent on Facebook for attracting people to a brand. Entice users to interact with your products and promote your business locally or to a specific audience.


Facebook Ads – Offers

Generate Facebook Deals

Facebook ads that generate deals, customers and sales:

Generate Facebook deals via forms directly in the app in the web browser. These Facebook ads present users directly with a contact form, or ask a question that can be answered directly. Collect customer lists, opinions and valuable deals for your business.

Promote An App With Facebook

Increase the number of app downloads:

Mix-Werbung.com uses app ads to promote awareness of an app from the App Store / Play Store. Promote the downloads of your mobile app and thus its value.

Facebook Offers And Product-Ads

Product advertising on Facebook:

Use product ads and offers to highlight your company’s services. Let users see your products in the News Feed. Clicking on the ad takes Facebook users to your Facebook store or website. The function of targeting users who already know your company is particularly successful. The so-called retargeting binds customers and is always particularly profitable.

Facebook Event Ads

Promote an event:

Mix-Werbung.com uses event advertising to reach the target audience for a specific event on Facebook. The placement of this form of advertising can be limited geographically and also targeted according to the characteristics of users such as age, gender.

Facebook Retargeting

Better results for any type of advertising:

Regardless of which type of ad listed above is served, retargeting should be used in addition. Retargeting describes serving an ad to users who already know your business.

With retargeting, we recognize users and show them personalized ads. For example, we can show someone a product that they forgot in their shopping cart.

Retargeting promotes every form of advertising. Maximize the impact of your advertising.

Facebook Advertising Outsourcing: Targeted Campaigns For More Relevant Queries And Real Audience Insights 

The most well-known social media company in the world: Facebook. Despite some negative publicity from time to time, this is still the platform with the most users and the most daily users in the world. So it goes without saying that Facebook is still a great marketing tool for any business. But how exactly to target audiences among all these people? Outsourcing the management of your Facebook advertising account is a logical option, as we have our experts for that.

Facebook Ads – To Find The Right Target Group 

Of course, your company knows its customers and their wishes better than anyone else. With this knowledge and our technical understanding, we create Facebook ads that are predictable, targeted and measurably successful. Let us place Facebook ads. Because Mix-Werbung.com enables you to process your knowledge to a clear target group.

Facebook Advertising

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