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Advertising Possibilities in Germany

What Is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is the biggest climber of all social platforms when it comes to the number of users. Moreover, the social media platform has the most users per day after Facebook. Young people in particular are active on Instagram. If that aligns with your business’s target audience, using Instagram is advisable. By targeting interests, topics, age, location or demographics, the desired audiences can be targeted

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Instagram Photo Ads

Products as images for your target audience.
Promote products and services and increase your brand awareness on Instagram. Attractive photos and calls to action generate interactions and followers. In addition, Instagram photo ads can be ideally used to introduce existing and new products and promote (purchase) deals.


Showcase your organization and brand.
Tell your company’s story while increasing brand awareness with video ads. With the help of videos, products and services can be presented in an attractive way. makes sure your videos are showcased on Instagram.
Communicate even more content? Extend the reach of video ads with a story as well as story ads. An advertising format that is interesting for branding campaigns.


Advertise (multiple) products and services.
With carousel ads, we increase your reach as well as the number of interactions and (purchase) deals. Carousel ads offer the possibility to display multiple images of products or services and give a clear picture of your offer.
The ads can also be used to tell a story about your brand. This can be done by using consecutive carousel cards or by creating one large image that spans the carousel space.

For The Achievement Of What Goals Do We Use Instagram?

Brand Awareness

Sales Promotion


Customer Loyalty

Realize Your Goal, with the help of access to databases, supports the definition of goals, the amount of the budget and, with the help of technical know-how, the realization of the advertising. We manage the campaign, monitor the budget and make sure that the ads deliver the maximum performance at the lowest cost. We then present all the results in a detailed report.

  • Build A Brand 100% 100%
  • Number Of Users 80% 80%
  • Sales Opportunities 60% 60%
  • Contact Requests 80% 80%
  • Informative Advertising Material 80% 80%


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Instagram Advertising

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