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Improve your company’s performance in Germany with affordable local advertising and the right mix of online marketing services from Mix-Werbung.com.

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Advertising pillars and flyer distribution are ideas that could be called cheap 20 years ago. Today, there are much more valuable ways to book regional advertising… On online platforms, where the attention of all customers of today really is.

Hundreds of small businesses rely on local online campaigns. How to make it work? With certified marketing expertise and graphic design, we master the entire process. Tell us what to advertise. We design the ads.

Targets & Agency Services In Germany

Local Online Advertising

These agency services from Mix-Werbung.com for small businesses help to attract more local customers in Germany. Whether it’s increasing reach in Google, Bing, and map searches, protecting an online reputation, optimizing your website, implementing a social media strategy, or building a revenue stream, we want your goals to be met. The success of your business is our success!

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Powerful in branding. Instagram has a wide reach and is particularly effective at reaching young adults. The platform is moderately targeted for sales, with performance varying greatly by product.


With approximately 32 million users in Germany alone, Facebook is the social network with the highest reach (source: statista.com). However, users are getting older and the amount of time users spend on the platform is also decreasing. Nevertheless, Facebook offers great opportunities to target regional advertising.


The search engine giant serves around 90% of all German search queries (source: statista.com). In the advertising mix, regional Google advertising usually achieves the highest return on investment. As a certified Google Ads agency, Mix-Werbung.com can research what competitors are successful with and how often interesting search phrases are searched for your company.


The video platform is excellent for building a brand. For all small business owners who want to take your city by storm, regional YouTube advertising is probably the best option.

Smart Tv

Samsung and Google (as a partner for other TV manufacturers) offer regional TV advertising through their network. Here, so-called banner ads consisting of graphic elements and text, or video ads can be booked.

Tips For Local Advertising

Regional advertising is ideal for small businesses. That’s because it usually attracts the most interested customers. From businesses that otherwise only sell locally to online stores that ship packages nationwide. Shopping locally is the trend. People want to shop regionally. Every company can take advantage of this.

That’s why tip one is to always emphasize the address and regionality in advertising. Because the proximity of the address builds trust with customers, the chance that the advertising will serve its purpose increases. Tip two recommends making bid adjustments based on the time and day of the ad airing, as well as the age and gender of the potential customer, in addition to regional containment. As a customer of Mix-Werbung.com, your company will receive advertising campaigns in which the parameters just listed are adjusted so that the completion rate of the advertising is maximized.


Local Advertising – Experiences Of Our Clients

Can an advertising agency work online? “Yes, of course! Social media advertising works and brings in customers. Thanks, Mix Werbung.”

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Local Advertising in Germany

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