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Professional execution of remarketing methods is crucial for your brand to solidify itself in the target market. Approximately 72% of online shoppers tend to abandon shopping carts, and only a small 8% return to complete their purchase without targeted ads. Through a variety of techniques such as promo codes and time-sensitive offers, we can target those very visitors who added products to their online shopping cart on your website and then abandoned the transaction. This is to encourage a user to return to your website and complete a purchase.

Remarketing is a great way to drive business that may have previously been lost. Remarketing allows advertisers to target previous visitors to their website through other websites or platforms. manages remarketing through Google Ads and Facebook Business.

Can Remarketing Be Set Up On Every Platform?

Since remarketing and retargeting is a very successful marketing method, more and more online platforms allow the option of remarketing ads. The most popular platforms for remarketing are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • E-Mail
  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • Various Websites

What`s The Difference Between Google Advertising And Google Remarketing?

Target previous website visitors with Google Remarketing. Did someone forget something in the shopping cart, or look at a particular item without taking the desired action? With remarketing you can show targeted ads to these customers! This is much more powerful than normal Google advertising. At we use remarketing for Google, Bing, Facebook and Instagram to make sure that your website visitors are not lost to competitors.

Are Remarketing Ads Based On Text Or Image?

Remarketing ads can be either text-based or image-based, depending on the platform used. On Google Ads, for example, remarketing lists can be advertised on both the search network and the display network. On YouTube, advertisers can also use both text, or images, or videos for remarketing campaigns. On social platforms like Facebook, however, it is usually always a combination of text and images.

Can I Control How Often Users See My Ad?

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Yes, we can control how often a user sees your ad in a given time period. This can be done over a day, week, months, or a set number of days. You can also set the frequency cap to apply to a single ad, an ad group, or an entire campaign.

Audience Segmentation For Remarketing

Different pages of your website have different value. For example, visitors who add items to the shopping cart but leave are more valuable in remarketing ads campaigns than visitors who leave your homepage after just a few seconds. Segmenting your traffic allows for high-value targeting. Factors such as time on site, number of visits, and specific pages visited allow us to target customers with a higher chance of conversion.

Remarketing-Campaigns For Existing Customers

At, we offer a holistic approach to remarketing campaigns, including targeting your existing customers. Did you know that typically about 80% of sales come from 20% of customers? Returning customers are often the bread and butter for businesses and account for between 20% and 50% of word-of-mouth purchase decisions. In addition, returning customers spend about 67% more on purchases than new customers, making them a valuable audience.

Tailored Retargeting

You can go a step further and use data from Google Analytics to target customers based on their interaction with individual elements of your site. For example, you can set up a remarketing audience based on users who added a product or category product to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase. Maybe you want to entice the target audience to buy after the fact with a free item that matches the product? Remarketing with makes it possible: A customer who has already bought a computer can be advertised the next time with appropriate accessories for his model. You can advertise a related item like one with targeted ads.


Stay in touch with customers once they are in your sales funnel. Reach out to them at the right intervals and don’t let them forget your brand.

Use remarketing to retarget people who have already shown interest in your business, for example, by visiting your website. Typically, only a fraction of Internet users convert the first time they visit your site. Yet you probably invested money to get those visits in the first place… Why should the journey end there? Bring users back to close the sale or call them to action. Measuring the return on remarketing ads is easy thanks to our conversion tracking methods.

With banner ads remarketing cheaply reconnect with your users and increase your return on investment with ads on the Google Display Network, YouTube, and social networks.

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