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Concept, strategy, execution: social media is getting more complex every year with more and more different channels, advertising, and time-consuming community management… From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, to YouTube and Tiktok. We take care of you with german experience and creativity.

Posting and advertising strategy on YouTube and Instagram, or ad management on Facebook. With certified expertise, we are your german partner in social marketing. Read more about the care with our social media agency.

It is important to logically deduce which social media platforms are suitable for business support. If you don’t know what you’re looking for yet, we’ll create a list of recommendations for you.

Social media marketing is the tool for websites to accurately target customers and engage them in the customer journey. Our social media managers develop strategies and methods for businesses nationwide. Facebook ads for shoes, YouTube remarketing for fitness products, Pinterest blog posts for furniture stores – the range is endless. Let us develop your concept for 2020 and 2021 together with professional social media tools and honest support from digital natives –

We stand for quality. With a current focus on efficient social media marketing, we have quickly made a name for ourselves as an agency. From creating various buying personas, large-scale A/B testing for fashion brands to working with influencers and bloggers. As experts, we give workshops, give speeches as speakers, but also answer all your social media business questions. We help with expertise and experience when it comes to tricky decisions.

Social Media Support Channels

The first consideration in social media support concerns which social media channels are worth your time. This involves figuring out which platforms are used by your target audience. Which public groups do buyers like and which other sites are of interest? Do you know the preferences of your social media followers?

Many businesses use multiple social media channels, with Facebook often the focus of social media campaigns, as it is the most popular network with more than a billion users. Other key networks range from Pinterest and Instagram to Xing and Snapchat, depending on the target audience.

Figuring out which social networks your services should focus on requires considering the interests of your website visitors. A B2B company is more likely to benefit from using LinkedIn than a chain of hair salons for women.

Content Creation

By publishing interactive content, companies can already reach interested people on social media. Although much content should be used across multiple channels, some must be developed specifically for use in social media.

For example, as a social media agency makes sure that certain dimensions for images in different networks, are adhered to. For postings and advertising campaigns, there are rules and best practices that should be taken into account. And, of course, there are different types of text formatting to adhere to. Accordingly, the relationship between media and text is different on Facebook than on Instagram.

Social media content must be engaging and encourage sharing to create a brand that can spread the company’s messages. Creating content for customers using this „content marketing strategy“ can include creating graphics or videos, writing social media posts or blog posts, and sourcing shareable content to share from other brands and sources.

Social media content needs to give value, raise questions and spark conversations. Unite creative skills, combined with analytics and data, and social media content creation can begin.

Content Publishing

Scheduling social media content is a useful tool. For many small businesses, it can be difficult to find time to publish their content, especially across multiple channels.

All the steps that make social media management more professional prepare more time for content creation, allow content reuse and that is irrevocably reflected in the quality. Sometimes it is recommended to monitor social media interactions in real time so brands can avoid unpleasant situations caused by scheduled posts if they conflict with current events, for example.

A content calendar is often the best way to plan social media campaigns based on data. takes care of you and teaches you when to post what – and suggests tools that offer flexibility for change needs.

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