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YouTube has a huge following. In fact, 77% of German internet users use the popular video platform every month. Such a large channel is hard to ignore. Given the power of Google Ads, it should come as no surprise that YouTube is now a popular medium for advertisers in Germany.

Despite these promising numbers, companies still shy away from advertising in the video format, in our experience. But this does not have to be! Because sets up your campaign professionally. The only difficulty from a budgeting perspective is that there is no explicit price for the cost of YouTube ads. However, this is no different from many other types of online advertising. The team achieves the profits you need per euro spent (ROAS). The reach of YouTube advertising is optimized accordingly.

YouTube Advertising – Comparison

Advertise on YouTube with a Goolgle Ads account 

  • Advertising on YouTube is controlled from Google Ads.
  • The costs incurred depend on the number of users who see your ads.
  • YouTube ads have an average cost per impression of two cents.
  • The average cost of reaching 100,000 users is therefore around 2000€.

Advertise with a YouTube channel

  • YouTube channels can activate their videos for advertising from 10,000 views.
  • To do this, open the „Channel Settings“ section, go to „Features“ and then click on the „Enable“ button in the „Monetization“ section.
  • Now you can allow Google Ads users to advertise per video.


YouTube’s Six Ad-formats


display advertisement germany

Image-Banner Ad

To the right of the feature video, above the list of video suggestions, an image you select will be displayed. This ad is for desktop devices only. The size of the image can be 300×250 or 300×60 pixels.

Display ads may be less popular with advertisers as they do not interfere with the videos people watch. Nevertheless, observes positive results for these ad campaigns, comparable to banner ads on partner websites. While fewer users click on the ad, the click prices are lower and those who do click are mostly more interested in the YouTube ad.

skippable videoad germany

Skippable Video Ad

The most common ads format on YouTube are ads that play before, during, or after the video. Users can skip the ad consisting of a video after 5 seconds. The ad can be displayed on mobile, desktops and smart TVs.

This form of YouTube advertising is only chargeable to viewers who watch your ad video for 30 seconds or longer (unless your ad is shorter). So if your skippable video ad is cancelled after five seconds, there is no cost.

bumper advertisement youtube

Bumper Ad

Non-skippable short videos that a viewer must watch before seeing the main video. The length of the short videos is up to six seconds. The ad is viewable on all devices aside from smart TVs.

Businesses use Bumper ads to deliver a short, memorable message. Billing is exclusively per thousand impressions.

overlay advertisement germany

Overlay Ad

Semi-transparent text ads or banner ads that cover the bottom of the video. Your text or image is shown during the YouTube video until the user clicks to use the ad or clicks away. These ads are only allowed on desktop devices.

Although simple and static, overlay ads grab users‘ attention without being too demanding. By using subtle images and text, you can reach a lot of users while the video is playing for very little money. Even if a viewer closes the ad, they’ve still seen it – and become aware of your brand.

non skippable videoad germany

Non-skippable Video Ad

Promotional videos that viewers must watch before they can watch the main video. Non-skippable video ads are usually 15 to 20 seconds long and can be served on all devices minus Smart TVs.

The best thing about a non-skippable ad is that you are guaranteed the viewer’s full attention. With YouTube’s impressive targeting features, guarantees that the viewer matches the profile of your target audience.

sponsored banner germany

In-Video Image-Banner Advertising

Videos with relevant content. These are, for example, services presented by the channel itself. This form of YouTube advertising can be placed on all devices except smart TVs.

They start as a small icon and expand when clicked. The advertising format is not very intrusive for the user, as it does not interfere with the video.

Optimize YouTube Advertising

Ultimately, it shouldn’t be so much about how much your YouTube ads cost, but how much revenue they generate relative to the cost. always works based on a healthy ROAS agreed upon with the client. That means, you agree together with us how high the advertising revenue per spent Euro has to be. How much revenue, subscribers and the like do you need per euro spent? Based on this, we target as many viewers as possible.

The key to optimizing your YouTube campaign is to review and understand campaign statistics. Your campaign needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted periodically to optimize its performance. The most important statistics are the view rate of your ads and the click-through rate. These stats tell you if users are rating your ads as engaging.

The most common problem is that your videos are not compelling enough. Although some companies give up at this point and write off YouTube as a marketing option, it’s better to revise your videos to create more compelling content.

  1. Define goals.
  2. Filter low-performing ads.
  3. Use an image with your own branding.
  4. Use calls to action.
  5. Create YouTube customer lists.
  6. Use negative remarketing.
  7. Use responsive subtitles in YouTube ads.
  8. Consider making longer video ads.

YouTube Advertising

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