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Why companies book online marketing consulting in Germany?

In order to implement a successful online marketing plan, goals must first be captured, the german market analyzed, and appropriate marketing techniques integrated into existing strategies. Fortunately, online marketing consulting can illuminate this path and suggest clear steps.
What exactly can do for your company?
If new projects are to be implemented in your company, digital functions are to be restructured, or an initiative to optimize the website is to be launched, it is time to use the services of a german digital marketing consulting company. Our online marketing agency specializes in organizing ideas and concepts, implementing strategies and setting in motion the different phases of your project from the initial brainstorming to execution.

Proven Savings & Customerpotential
  • ✔ Multiply reach
  • ✔ Control costs
  • ✔ Measure performance & profits

Marketing Beratung buchenWhat does An Online Marketing Consultant Do?

  • Provides impartial feedback and advice on existing strategy for online marketing.
  • Shows how to improve brand awareness and customer acquisition.
  • Helps to allocate digital marketing budget more effectively.
  • Provides unbiased feedback on the company website.
  • Helps to improve the online marketing mix.
  • Helps to take a step back and see the big picture.’s online marketing consulting services include online marketing strategy, website consulting, web content writing training and consulting, SEO marketing consulting, social media consulting and training, email marketing training and consulting, smartphone marketing consulting, and online advertising consulting.

Online Marketing Consulting In Five Steps

Once you have engaged our marketing consulting services, we will go through the following process:

Step 1: SWOT Analysis
By determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and disadvantages in the market, we gain insight into the competition. The SWOT analysis provides the information needed to first understand your specific context.

Step 2: Goals
We need to set clear objectives that are aligned with the business to determine what actions we will take. We will also benchmark and evaluate metrics, sales, and create the digital conversion funnel to follow.

Step 3: Target Audiences
We’ll develop a detailed description of your target persona, detailing what characteristics make up your customers, their tastes, needs, problems, concerns, channels, etc.

Step 4: Online marketing strategy
A technical analysis of the brand authority as well as a disclosure of the relevance of your content and of elements that lead to its improvement and strengthening in the digital domain.

Step 5: Implementation
In this step, we need to figure out what steps are needed to execute the strategy. In addition to personnel tasks, it is about online marketing processes, devices, platforms and other technical requirements. A online marketing consultant not only optimizes the strategy as part of the service offering, but also provides training and support throughout the implementation to ensure the desired results.

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After our online marketing consultant has agreed on a strategy with your team, can drive and manage your offline and online marketing activities. We can also train members of your team.

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